2013 Frat Pack Man of the Year

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
By Kevin Crossman

A little late this year but really it’s just an homage to how long it took for our Man of the Year to get the long sought after sequel to his most famous movie made. Of course we are talking about Will Ferrell who after years of work was finally able to bring Ron Burgundy back to the big screen with Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Despite very good years from the likes of Steve Carell, James Franco, and the This is The End gang, Ferrell’s key accomplishment of “putting the band back together” for the Anchorman sequel was the seminal event of the year. And despite the threat of overexposure, Ferrell’s relentless appearances as Ron Burgundy actually paid off both creatively and financially. For these and other reasons, the Frat Pack Tribute editors chose Will Ferrell as the Man of the Year 2013.

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Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy

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  1. Mario

    This! If this can be leveraged into a Zoolander sequel, Will Ferrell deserves an actual medal.


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