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Frat Pack Tribute Movie Review: Blonde Ambition


by Kevin Crossman

By now most of you know the story of Blonde Ambition, the Working Girl-like romcom starring Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson. Many of you saw the awful trailer that showed up in obscure locations online this summer as the expected mid-year release date slipped and went. Finally, the DVD was announced for a release on January 22, 2008 but not before being released into eight Dallas area theatres earlier this month, pulling in a grand total of $1322 dollars total (no, that's not a typo).

Now, the film has appeared online. This is a transfer from a DVD screener but you can watch the movie in it's entirety. And everything you've heard about the movie is true. It is poorly shot, and features a braindead paint-by-numbers script. And while Jessica Simpson isn't bad to look at, her aw-shucks "performance" is truly worthy of the Golden Raspberry Awards she surely will be nominated for.

But we do not come to bury Blonde Ambition but to praise it. While the Jessica storyline can be best viewed with "so bad it's good" laughter, there's actually an amazing performance contained in this movie and it comes from perhaps the most unlikely soul. Not from Jessica, obviously, or even Luke Wilson who plays the exact same character from My Super-Ex Girlfriend (no, that's not a compliment). It doesn't come from the ladies with three names, Rachael Leigh Cook and Penelope Ann Miller. They have memorable moments but ultimately their roles, like the movie fall flat.

Instead, I come to praise Dick. Andy Dick. He's never been better on film as Miller's scheming secretary and it is truly a pleasure to see the self-loathing and meanspirited attitude that his public persona has lately come to symbolize appear so well on screen. Everything he does in Blonde Ambition is worth savoring. This isn't high brow comedy but I laughed at Dick throughout the movie.

So, viewed in proper context, Blonde Ambition might be a great time for you and your friends over a few drinks. Check your ego and intelligence at the door (just like the filmmakers) and you might find yourself with a great big smile. Who'd have thunk it?

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