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Frat Pack Tribute Movie Review: The Brothers Solomon


Tells the hilarious story of Dean and John Solomon (Will Forte and Arnett), two good-hearted but romantically-challenged brothers. When they find out their dying father’s last wish is for a grandchild, the brothers set out to find someone to have a baby with. But after spending their formative years being home-schooled by their father in a remote arctic location, their social skills prove to be somewhat lacking and their attempts at fatherhood go hysterically and disastrously wrong.



Review by Kevin Crossman

Given the "heritage" of Bob Odenkirk and Will Arnett's Let's Go to Prison along with the "Dumb and Dumber" storyline, this movie had no right to be funny. But, folks, funny it was. Very, very funny. 4 star funny... it's that good! You're probably familiar with the plot: two socially inept brothers learn their father is in a coma but regretted not seeing a grandchild, so the two set off to "make a baby for dad."

As the brothers, writer Will Forte has the best lines, but Will Arnett is also good as the older and "wiser" sibling. Chi McBride, who was awfully annoying in Let's Go to Prison, is an asset here and there are lots of funny smaller roles (look for Bill Hader in the background of a couple scenes). Director Bob Odenkirk keeps the visual style interesting and energetic. He also also has an effective cameo in one of the of the film's funnier scenes, when the brothers attempt to adopt a child.

Kristen Wiig plays it super straight but Malin Ackerman has a lighter and funnier role as the next-door neighbor of the brothers and "love interest" of Arnett's character. Ackerman also plays an integral part in a bikini-clad "love scene" not unlike a similar fantasy sequence from You, Me, and Dupree.

The film's penultimate scene featuring a airplane banner had my wife and I in tears for several minutes, and I laughed out loud numerous times in the movie. The movie is a farce, of course, and we're treated to a little "male romantic comedy" storyline familiar to fans of Wedding Crashers or Starsky & Hutch.

Maybe I was just in the right mood but my laughing wasn't a "peer pressure" situation since we had less than ten people in our 1 pm Sunday showing (indicative of the film's anemic showing at the box office, finishing out of the top 20 with about $500,000 on opening weekend).

Maybe the film will find a new life on video but I thought it was really, really funny. And while this isn't the "thinking man's pregnancy comedy" (that would be Knocked Up), it brings the requisite laughs and just enough heart.