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Frat Pack Tribute Movie Review: Night at the Museum

Review by Frank Crossman

How many remember the the pop-up book by Kees Moerbeek called The Museum of Unnatural History? Not many I suspect, but my five grandchildren love this book and want me to read it to them on every visit at least until they also grow old enought to read it themselves. Now, along comes Night at the Museum - the movie- and it really blows this book away in imagination, humor, story line. Okay, so it isn’t 3D and pop-up... that’s okay.

For starters, the movie, unlike the pop-up book, has, at his tiniest, my hero Owen Wilson. The best of the Frat Packers in my opinion. But I can’t ignore as much as I might like to, the talent of Ben Stiller in acting out this zany tale. And I was blown away by director, Shawn Levy’s control over Robin Williams, who, for the first time I can remember, plays a perfectly straight, serious, but endearing role as Teddy Rosevelt.

Sure I saw the previews and thought, I’ll bet this thing about the museum coming alive will probably wear off soon in the movie, but I still will go 'cause I’m a loyal Frat fan. But amazingly, I found that the surprises continued to surprise and the humor continued to be pleasing and enjoyable. This is a movie for all generations!

Two thumbs up from Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma! Next time the grandkids want me to read the Museum of Unnatural History I’m gonna say, "Just watch this DVD called the Night at the Museum. It’s even better!"